Jewish cemetary inaugurated.

Strijen -
Mayor M. Peereboom of Strijen and Kim, the granddaughter of Simon Zwarenstein (wrong info - Mylène) who one hundred years ago was the first to be buried here, have unveiled a plaque on the restaurated (?) Jewish cemetery. The unveiling and other ceremonies on the cemetery were after a stylish gathering in the Salvatori building, with hundreds of invited guests and interested people.

The sober, but impressive ceremony in the Salvatori building and afterwards at the cemetery was attended by a great number of invited and interested people. Amongst which were the descendants of the deceased whom are buried at the restaurated cemetery, representatives of the Jewish community of Rotterdam, the town of Strijen, the contractor and a large number of communities of Strijen. This made clear that there was a lot of sympathy from the community for restaurating the cemetery. This sympathy was also found with the people doing the actual work because, mentioned mayor Peereboom in her speech, the contractor did a lot more than was mentioned. "There was so much we desired, but had no money for". Despite the limited funds, the mayor was very satisfied with the result: "We wanted to maintain the character of the cemetery and that we accomplished well.".

The secretary of the Jewish Remembrancemonument foundation, mr. W.B. v.d. Hoek, thanked all people involved for their contribution in restoring the cemetery: "Our believe it is, that the dead will one day relive. That's why it is a duty to keep the cemetary undamaged. That is very hard when there is no Jewish community any more. Then we have to out our trust in our good neighbors. The Town and its inhabitants have taken care, that it all remains well taken care of."

Van de Hoek also answered a question. "The first funeral took place in 1896. Probably there was no Jewish life before that time. Research in the funeral documents made clear, that the Jewish inhabitants of Strijen were buried on the Israeli cemetery of Oud-Beijerland". Aart den Ouden (piano) and Patricia Hogenboezem (?) played a few times a musical intermezzo.

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