Welcome to Zwarenstein.nl !!

This website will keep the memory alive of those who aren't here anymore and
gives the
scattered family members a change to meet, get to know each other and exchange information.

On February 6 2017, fifteen Stolpersteine were placed in Strijen for our murdered familymemberes. (more)


Personally I believe, that for families that have lost so much, there is far too little history known
and saved and linked together. And I want to make an effort to see that changed!!!

Everybody who has something interesting to share,
mail me

This site was started in September 2003. Since then, it brought people together from all parts of the world.
From America, Israel, New Zealand and Australia, they came to Holland. Family members abroad also met, after they got to know about each other.
Some family members only discovered through this site, that they have a jewish heritage.

With thanks to Edik Zwarenstein and Sprientje (Rooigrond) Zwarenstein,
the Jewish Historical Museum, former Kamp Westerbork, Wim van der Hoek,
  and newly found family members. Many thanks to them.