These kitchenmagnets are from:
Canary Islands - La Gomera; Spain - Torremolinos; USA - Orlando - Las Vegas - Kennedy Space centre - South Bark (Big Dog sportswear); France - Disneyland Paris 1999 and 2001; Belgium - Brussels; Turkey - Side - Alanya; Italy - Sorrento - Pisa; Greece - Kos - Corfu; Israel; Britian - Cab and Mailbox - London (Picadilly Circus); Germany - Warner Brothers Movieworld 1996 and 2004; Venezuela - Isla Margerita; The Netherlands - Valkenburg - Amsterdam, Jewish Historical Museum - Wassenaar, Duinrell themeparc (the frog) - Rotterdam, Blijdorp Zoo (the elephant) - Slagharen themeparc (the boot)
And Xena comes from Canada, but it doesn't show :-(. I just recieved a magnet from Scotland -Edinburgh, and the head of our department is going to South Africa for four weeks (starting sept. 14th), so I hope she brings me one too!! My mother is going to visit Israel in October. I have a magnet from Israel but I hope she'll bring me one from Jerusalem!

Way above you'll see a picture of a mask that I made from cast, in a rough frame with barb wire and a portet made out af pieces of paper. The next picture was taken from my balcony. It's a rescue helicopter. The picture from the Queen Mary 2, was taken by Nicha (my son, 11). The last (scanned)
picture is taken a long time ago in Ein Gedi, next to the dead sea. A waterfall in the middle of an oases.