Chanoekah, december 12th 2004.

This is my daughters Gina's first Chanoekah. She is nine and we just found out there is a small Jewish community close to our house. We speak a lot of Hebrew around the house, so she might want to take Hebrew classes there.
posted on 04-06-2004: "Deutches Reich - 1875 -  10 Pfennig"

"This coin was found by my grandmother. Sometime during WWII, my father and grandmother were taken to the Hollandsche Schouwburg.
From there, people were put on transport to Westerbork and on to Auschwitz.
One day some people were put on transport and my grandmother saw them throw away something.
When she picked it up, it was this coin. An old German coin with the Hebrew letter 'H' (fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet) carved out.
My grandmother and father managed to get out and she gave that coin to me, later in life."
27-06-2004 - Close-up of the monument in Strijen, which says:
"the families
 van Coevorden

The broken off piece is part of the design and symbolises the broken off part of the Jewish families.

This is my mother Tirtsa, my daughter Gina-Evita and me, in front of the house that belonged to my grandfathers (Jacob Kleinkramer) family and were my father grew up. My grandmother lived there untill a few years after my grandfather died.
 Then it really was to big for her, especially the big garden behind it.

I used to live closeby when I was little and visited a lot.
Search for easter eggs in the inmense garden and polish silver on the backporch.