Source: Website of the Municipality Strijen (English translation of text in the article).
May 4th 2011 - Remembrance day
During remembrance day my daughter, Gina Zwarenstein Tutunji, revealed a new plaque with information about the monument.
As always, after the ceremonie, we leave a stone at the monument.

Gina reveales the information plaque
Gina gives a speech at the remembrance ceremony
The plaque with information about the monument
Nicha Zwarenstein Tutunji, leaving a stome at the monument, according to Jewish tradition

"Information plaque Jewish monument

During remembrance day, last week in Strijen, an informationplaque was revealed at the Jewish monument in the Kerkstraat.

The town of Strijen sometimes gets reactions from shocked visitors to the Jewish monument. They are astonished at the broken off piece of the Star of David. People
assume it is work of vandals. Many of them don't know, that this is done on purpose by the designer. It is actually meant to be that way.

The broken off piece of stone symbolizes de attempt to destroy the roots of the Jews. Because many people don't know this, the idea of an informationplaque was born with in it a short explanation about how the Jewish monument came about and the meaning of it. The text on the plaque was put together with the help
of the descendants.

The revealing was done by the 16 year old Gina Tutunji (Zwarenstein Tutunji as of 2013), on behalf of the affected Jewish families, the van Coevordens, Kleinkramer and Zwarenstein. Gina is a descendant of the Zwarenstein family."
webarticle Strijen: Gina reveals the informationplaque at the Jewish monument on may 4th 2011